Accelerate recruitment and results in GI clinical trials.

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Accelerate patient identification, recruitment, and enrollment and scale central reading

Automated pre-screening

• Reduce review cycle time and discover more eligible patients
•  Proprietary algorithms for Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease
• Segment patients by acuity and enrollment likelihood

Recruitment modeling

• Dashboards integrate video review and natural disease history in a unified user experience
• Uncover eligible patients based on trial inclusion/exclusion criteria and automated pre-screening of case footage
•  Decentralize study enrollment, cast a wider net, and find the patients you need

Central Reading

• Platform for interoperable video acquisition and reviewer workflows
• Cloud based infrastructure provides global review access 24/7
• Read and review faster and more easily than legacy systems used by traditional CROs

Video and data acquisition and management

• Automate video recording for hands-free provider experience
• Unlimited endoscopy recording and cloud storage
• Access, manage, and share video in user-friendly portal

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