Record, manage, and access endoscopy videos with ease.

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Hands-free, automated workflow, unlimited recording and cloud storage.
Simple. Secure. Solution.

One-time install

Virgo connects to any endoscopy equipment via ethernet or wifi - set it and forget it.

Log In

Providers access their HIPAA compliant Virgo portal from any web browser.


Virgo automatically records, pre-screens and uploads endoscopy videos to cloud storage.


Expert reviewers access endoscopy video on-demand in Virgo cloud portal.

High-quality video capture

• 1080p HD crystal-clear playback quality
• Compatible with any endoscopy system and all accessory imaging tools (EUS, Fluoroscopy, etc.)
• Provider-friendly experience

Secure Cloud Portal

• Seamless video capture and upload
• Unlimited recording and cloud storage
• Access videos anytime, anywhere, on any device
• Organize videos and collaborate with colleagues

AI Workflow Enhancements

• Records and uploads video automatically
• Highlights meaningful anatomical landmarks
• Identifies instruments used throughout the case

Patient Experience

• Improve procedure quality
• Seamless care coordination
• Standard of care documentation

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